Custom FancyAlertDialog-Android Source code

Make your native android Dialog Fancy and Gify. A library that takes the standard Android Dialog to the next level with a variety of styling options and Gif’s. Style your dialog from code.

[ Download | Difficulty : Medium ]


Add this in your root build.gradle file (not your module build.gradle file):

allprojects {
	repositories {
		maven { url "" }


Add this to your module’s build.gradle file (make sure the version matches the JitPack badge above):

dependencies {
	compile 'com.github.Shashank02051997:FancyGifDialog-Android:1.1'

Fancy Gif Dialog

new FancyGifDialog.Builder(this)
                .setTitle("Granny eating chocolate dialog box")
                .setMessage("This is a granny eating chocolate dialog box. This library is used to help you easily create fancy gify dialog.")
                .setGifResource(R.drawable.gif1)   //Pass your Gif here
                .OnPositiveClicked(new FancyGifDialogListener() {
                    public void OnClick() {
                .OnNegativeClicked(new FancyGifDialogListener() {
                    public void OnClick() {


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