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  • Happy Independent Wishing Web App free Download

    Happy Independent Wishing Web App [ ## Free and Open Source ] Happy New Year Name Wishing Web APP 💯 Bootstrap CSS (Frontend Framework) PHP/MYSQL [PHP Version – version 5.6 or greater(PHP 7 Recommended) / MYSQL Version – 5.5 or greater / MariaDB version 10.0 or greater] Demo Watch demo in youtube – Demo Forum Discussion – Join Now Blog Post – Read Now Recent… read more

  • Pricing Plans And Subscription Payment PHP Script

    Showcase 3 different pricing plans on your website and allow your customers to sign up for their preferred one. Each registration made is stored in a MySQL database so that you can track all customer data. PayPal subscription payment is automatically enabled for your clients so once they sign up, you can expect their monthly online payments. By editing a… read more