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  • Shapely – One Page WordPress Theme (Most Popular)

    Shapely is an incredible free theme for WordPress websites, and it can greatly improve the web development process. This product is both practical and beautiful, managing to blend high functionality with astounding graphics. Of course, its design will be compatible with Android, iOS and Windows phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. It also supports high-resolution Retina displays, allowing you to… read more

  • Custom FancyAlertDialog-Android Source code

    Make your native android Dialog Fancy and Gify. A library that takes the standard Android Dialog to the next level with a variety of styling options and Gif’s. Style your dialog from code. [ Download | Difficulty : Medium ] Prerequisites Add this in your root build.gradle file (not your module build.gradle file): allprojects { repositories { ... maven { url "" } } }… read more

  • Open File Chooser In Webview File Option

    In this example:    1.  Opening url in webview and show progress for particular page.   2.  Show file chooser for Webform file option.   3.  Show Camera option in file chooser, capture image from camera and store in sdcard and select image for file option.   4.  For an url click open new activity.   5.  Open link from webview browser to new browser.… read more

  • Android Retrofit OkHttp Offline Caching [Source code]

    In this Project, we’ll be discussing and implementing Offline caching in our android application. We’ll be using Retrofit and Okhttp libraries. Offline Caching Opening your application with no internet and seeing no previous data is a very common occurrence. Two ways to deal with loading network requests that come first to our minds are: Shared Preferences SQLite Using either of… read more

  • ViewPager Tutorial With Example In Android Studio

    ViewPager in Android is a class that allows the user to flip left and right through pages of data. This class provides the functionality to flip pages in app. It is a widget found in the support library. To use it you‘ll have to put the element inside your XML layout file that’ll contain multiple child views. It is similar… read more

  • Android ORMLite with SQLite Database Tutorial

    This tutorial will guide you how to implement ORMLite (a very light weight, open source, Android compatible ORM) in an Android project and what are the benefits you may achieve compare to conventional way of using SQLite from Android. You will learn to build an app with ORMLite that allows you to store and view data from a database. Requirements… read more

  • Easy Sound Recorder Android App Source code

    Easy Sound Recorder A simple sound recording app implementing Material Design. (Download | Play Store | Difficulty: Beginner) A simple, easy-to-use and beautiful sound recorder app for Android. If you want to learn about audio recording and manipulation in Android, then this project is the best way to start your journey. This project is very small (with just a single Activity) and very… read more

  • [Free Download] Advance WebView Source Code

    Beautiful and customizable Android Activity that shows web pages within an app. Builder pattern Material design & Pre-made icons Webview listeners Custom themes & Custom transition animations Support collapsing toolbar & contextual actionbar SwipeRefreshLayout & Progressbar Device rotation Gradient divider Custom typeface & translation Supports Right to Left Screenshots Default theme & Copied to clipboard Back and forward & More… read more

  • [free Download] A lightweight Youtube frontend for Android App Source Code

    This App does not use any Google framework libraries, or the YouTube API. It only parses the website in order to gain the information it needs. Therefore this app can be used on devices without Google Services installed. Also, you don’t need a YouTube account to use this App, and it’s FLOSS. Screenshots App does not use any Google framework… read more

  • A fully Material ToDo app with minimal features

    If you are a beginner, this is a very simple yet cool project to start with. You will get a good chance to learn most of the basic and fundamental aspects of Android development. The design of the ToDo app is decent and serves as a good starting point for beginners. But don’t follow the coding standards or package structure followed… read more